Sarah Villavicencio BSN, RN | Founder

Sound Writing Solutions strives to connect your business to the audience by understanding your business and brand. After listening to your goals and timeline, we will create your project's scope and deliver it on time. Backed by years of clinical experience, nurse-written content yields authoritative, compelling information.

Sarah Villavicencio, founder of Sound Writing Solutions, is a registered nurse with a knack for science and a flair for writing. As a freelance writer, she uses her 22 years of pediatric clinical practice and her passion for education to create engaging, authority-based educational health content. Using her perspective as a nurse, she translates complex health information into understandable language and anticipates the clinical challenges and needs of patients. Trained in intensive care nursing, she is detail-oriented and calm under pressure. Clinical areas of expertise include CICU, PACU, PICU, and NICU. She is particularly interested in lactation, mother-baby care, pediatric development, and parenting.

Aside from writing and working at the hospital, Sarah finds herself busy being a wife, mother of three growing boys, and preparing large quantities of food. As a life long learner, Sarah is passionate about finance, gardening, and photography. She loves family time, long walks, and smelling the salty sea air.

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