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Sarah Villavicencio BSN, RN | Founder

Sound Writing Solutions strives to connect your business to the audience by understanding your business and brand. After carefully listening to your goals and timeline, a project proposal that meets your needs is developed. Backed by years of clinical experience, nurse-written content yields authoritative, compelling information. As an added bonus, all work is delivered on time!

I am Sarah Villavicencio, a registered nurse with a knack for science, and a flair for writing, founder of Sound Writing Solutions. As a freelance writer, I use my 22 years of pediatric clinical practice and passion for education to create engaging, authority-based educational health content. Using my perspective as a nurse, I translate complex health information into understandable language and anticipate the needs of patients. Trained in intensive care nursing, I am detail-oriented and calm under pressure. Clinical areas of expertise include CICU, PACU, PICU, and NICU. I am particularly interested in lactation, mother-baby care, pediatric development, and parenting.

Aside from writing and working at the hospital, I find myself busy being a wife, mother to three growing boys, and preparing large quantities of food. As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about finance, gardening, and photography. I love family time, long walks, and smelling the salty sea air.

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